Real Estate Finance and Investment

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Interest in real estate has increased dramatically in recent years. The evolution of the real estate investment industry has created a demand for a special group of professionals who not only have deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate market, but are also familiar with the dynamics of real estate finance. Over the years, approaches to real estate investment and financing continue to expand and involve. There are now a myriad of ways of investing in real estate. This course prepares participants to understand the risks and rewards with many approaches that may be used when investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Completion of the course leads to Diploma in Real Estate Finance to be awarded by the International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM).



“Very technical course it could probably need more sessions.”

Allan De Venecia,VP Operation

“The course introduced certain methodologies in addressing real estate finance and investment program.”

Alfred Samson, VP-Finance

“The training program was very comprehensive. Mr. Tiu, our training facilitator explained topic in detail and was very welcoming of participants’ overview. He encourages discussion and sharing of ideas. Could we have all of the training materials e-mailed to us pleased! Thank you.”

Katherine May R. Villariza, Strategic Planning & Research Officer

“The presentations of specific examples helps explain the concepts and is one of the strengths of the program. The resource person’s background knowledge and experience make him a credible/competent teacher.”

Juan Sarmiento Jr., Senior Desk Editor

“Learned a lot! Now I have to put theory in the practice.”

Michael Go, Manager