Institute of Business Computing

Spreadsheet proved its relevance in various industries over the course of time. It has become a part of daily lives of business professionals and without it, a simple job would turn complicated and hard. However, there is more to spreadsheets that most of you are not aware of; tools that could further enhance your effectivity and productivity in accomplishing everyday tasks.

International Federation of Professional Managers responds to the need of professionals in learning more than the daily ordinary spreadsheet they once had. Through these courses, you will be equipped with advance knowledge and skills that could make you prepare your reports or do your analysis clearly and accurately. By mastering Excel programs, you will save yourself a big amount of time in figuring things out and save your company or your business from spending unnecessary costs on software programs that excel covers for free. The tools are always available right at the palm of your hand. Now is the chance to use these tools to your advantage and advancement.

Here are some of the courses offered by IFPM:

Excel Financial Reporting and Analysis Macro Excel and VBA for Finance and Accounting
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