IFPM certification process requires candidates satisfy all the requirements below in order to be awarded the Certified Professional Manager (CPM®) designation:


To be eligible for the CPM® certification Examination, all candidates must complete a IFPM accredited education program at any IFPM approved Education Providers that offer the certification course.


Once the candidates complete the education program, they can apply to write CPM® Examination. The CPM® examination follows the IFPM Body of Knowledge and is designed for 4-hour 100 multiple choice exam format.


All candidates for CPM® Certification need to have at minimum number of work experience.


All candidates for CPM® Certification must agree to comply with the IFPM’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice that sets forth their ethical responsibilities to the public, clients and employers.

Annual Membership  Renewal Process

IFPM certificates are required to undergo a renewal process to maintain technical competence and to fulfill ethical obligations. This includes continuing education requirements of 30 hours annually, covering at least one technical session and one conference event  in addition to Professional Ethics.