Real Estate and Property Modelling

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Since the number of young professionals increase, the demand of owning a real estate property has grown. Thus many real estate companies come to picture. Along with this is the demand for professionals who has the skills and knowledge about the industry.Real Estate & Modelling Course is a simple way for you to understand your business in real estate. Design for new and experienced professionals, this advanced training helps through the process of the accounting, property modeling, financial statements, and valuation.


This program presented a clear approach in doing a real estate model the financial models provided were easy to use and understand, making it easier for the user to navigate the worksheets. This is the right program to take if you are planning to go into real estate development. Data tables are fantastic!

Angelo Maravilla, Corporate Planning Supervisor

This course is a great foundation for real estate investors since it focus on the fundamentals on properties modeling. Also the course was launched just in time since the property market in the Philippines is not yet mature enough. I hope more future runs on this course will be conducted by institution.

Hans Simart, Principal Consultancy

The models can help real estate companies in forecasting, planning and analysis. The program introduced me to these tools for financial analysis, but the models are dependent on assumptions, which are provided by the user. The exercises helped participants to learn more about the models. Learning by doing is a strong point of the program.

Juan Sarmiento Jr., Senior Desk Editor

I was able to learn steps and techniques in preparing business development models which would help me in understanding real estate business presentations. It will also aid me in performing my job as a cost and budget analyst.

Claire Evangelista, Cost & Budget/Acctg. Asst. Manager

The financial models discussed will be helpful not only for real estate settings but is applicable to other industries as well.

Allan De Venecia, VP-Operations

Before attending this course, I was unsatisfied with the way I was formulating property models. This course enabled me to create enhanced designs by teaching real-world development scenarios, efficient excel formulas, investor-friendly spreadsheet formats, and more. Thanks to this course, I’m now more confident that I can provide higher-quality feasibility and highest and west use studies.

Jonathan John Maldupana, Financial Research Analyst

For someone who does not practice financial modeling professionally [but works] in the real estate sector, I can say that the program helped me, in a more specialized manner, have an understanding of what are the variables and items that are important in the decision making of approving a project.

Louie Anive Bercasio, Corp. Planning Analyst