Professional Certificate in Dashboard Reporting Using Excel Testimonials

Dashboard Reporting Using Excel

What people say about the program

Topics are insightful and presented in a practical manner to ensure that the audience can visualize and absorb the examples and takeaways in their actual work.

Jessele Ann Echavez
Finance Controller


Learned the new features of Excel and most especially how to create relevant dashboards in presenting reports.

Rosemarie Gutierrez
Batch 6 Participant


The training is very valuable in improving one’s skills. It is important because it can increase my efficiency and effectiveness at work.

Daryl Mae Kierulf
Clerk I


It was discussed precisely, and in a manner in which all participants could easily comprehend. If possible, maybe lengthen the time for more interactions.

Justine Ella Marie O. Aguilar
Credit Analyst


This is so helpful in my position when presenting data to the management. It is efficient, inspires me to do my best and I’M LOVING MY JOB!

Maria Cristina P. Kim
HR Payroll Officer


This training is very relevant to my profession in the accounting industry. It gives me more knowledge in dashboard reporting with excel and it is very satisfying to join this program as I learned a lot not only in excel but also in time management.

Reynalyn C. Racadio
Batch 5 Participant


I learned a lot in this training. It is recommendable, especially to those in charge of dashboard reporting in their work/clients.

Grejane Sanchez
Senior Finance Analyst


The training is vital to my daily work, doing the shortcuts which makes it more efficient. Jobs nowadays consider hiring staff who are proficient in excel, thus giving an edge and added value as an Accountant. Definitely, I have learned something new from this workshop.

Razhel Green Cachin
Roving Support Services Coordinator


Great. It’s very useful.

Jackielyn Garlet
Budget Officer


Such a very informative session! Kudos to Sir Chris for thorough and effective training. It’s very useful especially since my work revolves around using Excel. Excited to use what I learned from now on!

Genevieve de Guzman
Accounting Officer


Really a big help for me especially at my work in accounting.

Kareen Mercado
Batch 3 Participant