Professional Certificate in Business Data Analytics Using Excel Testimonials

What people say about the program

Thank you to the facilitators and other people behind this program. They are very approachable. Looking forward to more programs like this. Thank you and God bless!

– Radiya Esmail Guianodin


We had overtime for the lecture but it didn’t bore me. The topic itself is interesting and the speaker delivered it very well. I gained so much information that can be used in my work.

– Maureen T. Ballesteros


This event was worth it.

– Darlene Hazel A. Niro


I used PIVOT before but had a hard time using it. Thank you for teaching me the proper ways in using PIVOT and other functions of excel.

– Kris Joy D. Dumelod


This excel tutorial will help me finish my work before the deadline

– Jenny Santos


I gain a lot of shortcuts in using excel

– Jesica Dugan Fundano


I am almost certain that I can apply what I’ve learned from the Program. The speaker was very good and I really learned a lot.

– Noemi Karla Fuerzas


I enjoyed the 2 days of training. Gaining more knowledge about excel will help me to save time and effort in doing a financial report on a monthly basis. I will stay tuned for more training offers in the future. Thank you

– Sandra D. Cirera


I have learned new things about Excel. Thank you for this event. I gained a new skill that I use in my work.

– Jeane Socito


It’s been awesome and fun knowing all those formulas and applications. It will be a big help in consolidating my reports in my current role

Ruben B.Sango
Fraud Analyst, General Motors

It was very useful for me to refresh my knowledge in EXCEL way back in my college days and it enhanced me in working with EXCEL, now that I am currently have a job.

Milca Montilla