Enterprise Risk Management and Stress Testing

erm b2 v2

“Gain practical insights of what it takes for a bank to set up a sensible and compliant framework for risk management”


Risk management for financial institution is now being formalized in most countries in the world, through global accords from which Basel III is the most topical. Such body of regulatory texts is now setting the landscape for the competition between banks for years to come, and imposing risk managers within decision-making bodies of banks.

It is now, more than ever, critical for banks to master their risk processes. It is as well critical for most bankers to master what it takes for a bank to manage their risks properly, including extreme risks, through appropriate implementation of stress-testing structures.

This course addresses these issues, and helps risk practitioners to understand risk management in a post-Basel III world.



“Very nice seminar but it should be better with more time.”

Nelson Montemayor
Audit Officer, UCPB

“This course acquainted me with new ideas & approaches particularly the technical aspect of risk management. It captured my interest to further study and to have an in-depth knowledge and exposure in the field of risk management.”

Nestor I. Leonin
Audit Officer, United Coconut Planters Bank

“Program is very relevant and informative. However, too compressed, would appreciate better if given more time.”

Ma. Teresa C. Landingin
Audit Officer, UCPB

“The seminar was very knowledgeable the topics discussed were very helpful to me especially the credit & operational part of the seminar. It gave me new ideas, different approach and gave me an opportunity to look at risks in a different perspective.”

Emil Francis O. Floro
Associate Operations Risk Officer, Union Bank of the Phils.

“The coverage of the program was very comprehensive. The speaker was very knowledgeable and was able to make the discussion interesting and lively.”

Mem Mariano
Union Bank

“The time was too short for the number of topics covered. Would have wanted to go deeper to certain topics, such as computational discussions in credit var, out due to time constraint, the topic was glossed over.”

Deborah Abilene Reyes
Statistical Analysis officer, UBP

“I will recommend the training to my friends and office mates.”

Evangeline R. Pantalunan
Assistant Dept. Manager, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp.

“The ERM and Stress-testing program is a why interesting and informative training delivered by a seasoned and expert speaker, Mr. Tomas Tiu. Though some of the topics and terms discussed were quiet technical, the speaker expounded these by sharing his personal/professional encounters and citing relevant and actual cases experienced by local and foreign companies. I greatly recommend that would be attendees to this seminar should have a sound knowledge in BASEL, stock investment/market, risks and its implications, finance, statistics and economics for better appreciation of the seminar and applications to their work and career advancement. Thank you.”

Roberto S. Rimorin
Officer I, GSIS

“This is great training/seminar experience, very helpful in my job as a risk management people. Thanks a lot.”

Gerald M. Suba
Credit Review Officer, Robinsons Bank