Diploma in IFRS Masterclass

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Master Essentials in Financial Accounting and Reporting.
Become an IFRS Specialist

What is IFRS? IFRS means International Financial Reporting Standards. They are issued by an independent body called as International Accounting Standards Board. IFRS are accounting standards which should be applied by an organization when they prepare and present the financial statements.

Why you need to attend this International Financial Reporting Certification Course? Many organizations have expanded their businesses and now operate in more than one country. These organizations must follow the local rules regarding the presentation of financial statements.

In the past, such organisations faced problems in complying with a different set of accounting rules and often it results in following different treatment for similar transactions. IFRS addresses these problems by providing a single set of high quality, accounting standards which are recognised internationally.

At present more than 150 countries follow IFRS for their local reporting. With these number of countries opting for IFRS, the demand for finance professionals with a qualification in IFRS is increasing globally

This course will empower you in understanding IFRS by providing practical and detailed knowledge of the key international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and how they are interpreted and applied.



“I love this class, I love the way how the topics were presented and how I was able to share ideas with best of best.”

Cecilie Rondilla
Accountant, China Thread Development Co. Ltd.

“This course refreshes my knowledge and exposures in various accounting standards that I had learned 12 years ago, when I took up my CPA review. This learning experience would definitely my weapon to become a more competent financial controller of a company. Thanks.”

Rodel Mendoza
Assistant Financial Controller, KEB Philippines, Inc

“I have gained so much knowledge on IFRS class which helped me to be more equipped confident in preparing FS. Thank you NIAT for choosing & giving us the best resource speaker. I enjoyed the discussions & gained new friends.”

Deborah G. Montano
Sr. Manager for Finance,
Millennium Computer Tech. Corp

“The program not just captured my interest in learning new things but also enhanced and solidity my knowledge with IFRS.”

Reynald Salvador
Internal Control Officer, HOLCIM PHILS.

“This seminar is very helpful. The lecturer is excellent.”

Cecilie Rondilla
Accountant, China Thread Development Co. Ltd.

“The program made me knowledgeable of the latest updates in the accounting standards and taught me its application in the industry practice. It also gave me a chance to meet new colleagues in our profession.”

Noreen F. Anyayahan
Accounts Management Specialist,
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation