Certified Human Resource Professional® Program


People are an organization’s most important resource and asset. Good management of individuals and the workforce is crucial to attaining the organizational goals and objectives. This intensive course for practitioners provides a comprehensive and solid foundation in human resource management.

During the three session training, participants will learn how to carry out hiring processes and how to develop adequate compensation for the development of a salary policy, social benefits and contracts. Participants will learn and practice how to develop an HR strategy and guidelines, how to develop procedures for job evaluations, promotions and training programmes for the workforce. Particular emphasis is placed on managing intercultural and gender issues.



“CHRP is a professional HR program that is recommended for HR practitioners in the Philippines. Its approach towards providing a global perspective of HR benchmarks are learning opportunities that can benefit and be applied to local but evolving challenges of HR in the country. It’s not only a re-tooling session. You walk out of it enriched with valuable insights across the various discipline of HR.”

Raquel Ibit
HR Head, AF Payments Inc.

“I really liked the course and outline of the program. Facilitator explained the course well and my objective was met to understand more about HR and Share/learn best practices.”

Richa Chaudhary
Recruitment Director, Teledevelopment

“I gained new learning in strategic HRM which I can apply at work. It was also a validation of what I do at work and the current state of HR in our company.”

Ronald Bangui

“The learning is fun and challenging as it is very sharing of these hard-core and globally competitive HR participants and the simulated case studies. It’s actually a rare and wonderful opportunity to be part of this group it’s a perk for me!”

Anabel O. Valencia
Finance Officer, Claret School of QC

“Attending CHRP opened my eyes to a whole lot of different approaches and possibilities. Words may not be enough to describe the ooverallexperience. The approach is holistic in a way that while we are getting all that we signed up for in terms of technical HR strategies, we are also feeding our social need to socialize & to align with the other HR practitioners across the industry. Kudos to the organizer of CHRP! I would also like to commend Rachel Jinayon for doing a great job in coordinating & attending to our weeks.”

Carissa de Jesus-Driz
HR Manager, Emerson Electric Asia Ltd. ROHQ

“The concept of certifying HR professionals is a step forward in further adding the premium to a now -evolved HR practice. It allows every certified HR professional to value their careers and always strive for excellence. This is a way to ensure that we all give a very strong contribution to our workplace. Overall, the program attempts to cover all facets but we could look at adding more hours to it as very young professionals need more time to relate to the concepts. I see some newbie’s and non-HR personnel struggling in the course and perhaps there should be stricter requirements before one is allowed to join.”

Tina Baclayo
VP-HR (APAC), Transcom