CCA Program

Master the Essentials of Credit Management.
Become a Certified Credit Analyst®

Certified Credit Analyst (CCA®) is a certification program for finance professionals who seek to equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and tools to advance in the demanding and rapidly changing field of credit management.

Learning Objectives

By attending this program, you will:

  • Analyze and interpret financial information in order to inform and justify lending decisions
  • Evaluate and discuss the various types of financial and non-financial risk underlying corporate lending relationship
  • Understand consumer credit principles and processes and mitigate consumer credit risks
  • Develop practical experience of how to manage cash flow and optimize working capital to facilitate such delivery in real life business situations
  • Build up confidence through understanding the major drivers of successful financial performance
  • Learn a number of technical skills, all of which lead to the ability to calculate the required figures and implement them into value adding business decisions.

Program Outline

  • Module 1: Basic Credit Principles and Credit Process of Consumer Finance
  • Module 2: Managing Consumer Credit
  • Module 3: Credit Scoring and Evaluation
  • Module 4: Credit Investigation
  • Module 5: Quantitative Techniques
  • Module 6: Credit Collections
  • Module 7: Risk Management
  • Module 8: Managing Short Term Finance Decisions
  • Module 9: Managing the Collection System
  • Module 10: Managing the Disbursement Systems
  • Module 11: Measuring and Managing Liquidity
  • Module 12: Managing the Short-Term Investment Portfolio
  • Module 13: Managing Short-Term Borrowing from Commercial Banks
  • Module 14: Managing Nonbank Sources of Short-Term Credit