Professional Certificate in Compensation & Benefits Strategy – Testimonials

What people say about the program

A once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this event. Knowledge is indeed precious in every sense. Looking forward to more training.

– Bill Jhun Elbano


I really learned a lot and enjoyed the discussions

– Janine Velasquez


Sir Ronal explains very well.

– Michelle C. Samson


Very informative

– Airon Aguirre


More knowledge and information was imparted to me

– Jorge P. Pili


Pay structure is a good take away in this training

– Rosa Mejidana


It’s a good learning program for those who are specializing in Compensation & Benefits.

– Rosalie Joyce Regalado


Very helpful, some of my ideas before about salaries and rewards clarified to me. And I can propose this method to my boss.

– Leny Cañonera


I truly enjoyed the event, and I believe that Sir Ronaldo explained things clearly and really made sure that we all could follow what he was teaching us. I’m excited to sign up for more seminars and trainings for HR

– Renee Nicole Tuazon


This was one of the best online training. It was loaded with useful contents. I have learned a lot.

– Elias Kambale Kitaghenda


This event is really great! All things perfectly worked well! The objectives are highly achieved, simple yet practical examples are informative and significant to our work and presented well by our excellent speaker, Sir Ronald Turla. It was indeed a superb seminar! Looking forward to more seminars in the future!

– Norilyn Morfi Levardo