Business Analytics for Decision Makers

It made me realize that I’ve been already using the said analysis. But this time, it made things easier for me thru usage of excel. It gave me more tools to use to make my work easier & faster.

Nangie Ching
Finance Officer (RBU Finance)

I can now better explain regression. Before, I do it a work but can’t simplify the explanation to operations.

Jennifer Baldoz
Finance Manager

High impact training! I feel enriched with something very useful in making quality reports. I prepare a lot of reports so this is really helpful. Financial projections/analysis have always been challenging but with the methods & knowledge shared in this training. I feel a bit more confident that I can add value to the reports/analysis in our deliverables. I just wished that there was more time for exercises. Sir Dominic was brilliant is all his sharings!

Andan, Chard
Finance Manager
Mang Inasal Phils, Inc.

The course is very useful and can be used in analysis and forecast especially in the finance field. What seems to be difficult before was given a way to be analyzed and be done the simpler way.

Madel C. Santos
Finance Officer
Mang Inasal Philippines Inc.

The speaker’s style is excellent. The mix of “formal” lecture, video presentation and hands-on activities was useful in better understanding the concepts. He was able to make the discussion less “geeky” and easy to understand for non-math/stat majors. The samples data used in activities were useful in the familiarization of MS Excel capabilities that aid in the analytics process. Worth it!

Monica Angel P. David
Business Analytics Officer
Jollibee Food Corporation

Mostly, the seminar came up short in tackling more techniques. But those that were discussed would be useful in what I do, and I could improve my reports with the use of this knowledge.

Christian Grederik Manuba
Finance Associate
Fresh and Famous Foods. Inc.

I was a fan of the machine learning topic made easy.

Ramon Manuel Nisperos
Corporate Planning Head.

The workshop is a very useful in excel techniques, forecasting and visual presentation.

Cherry A. Malaguero
Credit Specialist

Thus, this program helped me learn new concept which I know I can apply personally and in my work.

Pamela S. Calapine
Credit Officer

The flow of the discussion is good. I like the hands on application of the methodology discussed. I learned a lot of excel functions as well.

Jayson Cecilio
Finance Officer