Business Analytics for Decision Makers


Know how to predict business outcomes and create best strategies to boost your business profit.

Different type of industries including healthcare, teleBusincom, travel, retail, insurance, marketing and finance and resource management recognize the critical involvement of Predictive Analytics in making the business grow and stay on top of the market.

Predictive analytics is one of the vital components of business analytics and decision-making. It refers to the method of extracting information data from business organizational factors and using it to analyze and predict future outcomes of business and create a better strategy to compete against their competitors.

This seminar does not require any special software and programming. Participants only need to use Microsoft Excel and Office.



This is a program that helps us imagine infinite possibilities to help us with our work & even with our personal goals. Thank you.

Lilibeth Maria E. Luga
Sr. Finance Manager

The training has been an enriching activity. The workshop, though at times very fast paced due to time constraints, was very well delivered. The examples were very practical too and will surely be very helpful in data analysis.

Cyril C. Ty

I learned a lot. How I wish we can have this again.

Clifford Kaquilala
Finance Specialist

Thank you for teaching me good lecture! I use these analysis method to analyze the market!

Ryo Nagaoka

It’s very impressive for me to run regression using excel. But I still prefer using STATA & GREIL for regression; however, I like the what –if analysis functions. I was not able to check this out in the past.

Feifei Shi
Finance Analyst